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  My name is David York, and YES..this REALLY IS a FREE Service!

My family has been in the Apartment Locating business for years here in the Austin area.
I have made contacts and many friends with Apartment managers and apartment leasing agents throughout the Austin area. Wouldn't you do a little more for YOUR friends?

                                Of course you would, that's human nature.

I am a Licensed Real Estate agent who specializes in Apartment Locating. I work for a LOCAL Austin Locating Company, Apartments HERE! Being Local DOES matter!

I know the areas of Austin that you may or may NOT want to live in, I know all the different management companies and I know how they qualify applicants, and I know how to make that work in your favor. I have years of experience and I really enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference in someone's life.

          I know who works with Bad Credit, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or a Broken Lease.

          Maybe you have great credit and desire a certain neighborhood...I can do that!

          Maybe you want to be in a certain School District...I can do that! 

          Maybe you have two large dogs.....I can do that!
          Maybe you want to live downtown, yep..I have that covered too!

           I would love the opportunity to EARN YOUR BUSINESS, Thank you!

                  David York  (512) 680-9222


Some have asked if we really are the BEST Austin  Apartment Locator, the answer is a resounding YES! You see, there are many large national companies who do not actually have a presence in Austin, they only have a website with a searchable database which may only contain some of the Austin Apartments that allow them to get paid if you write their name on your application without them being with you, they may promise you a rebate check to get you to write their name on the application, sounds good, right?

Most folks learn at an early age, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, here is why.

1. Have you ever tried to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? You think you are there, then you look up and the end is somewhere else. Its a lot like that with most apartment locator sites that offer rebates. The rebates you are promised may only be a small fraction of what they advertise, follow the fine print, if you can find it at all .

                                             MANY PEOPLE NEVER GET ANY REBATE AT ALL!  

2. You may only see some of the apartments, they may not show the apartments that require the Austin Apartment locator to escort you (go with you) to the property.

3. Perhaps you have a issue like needed to be in a certain area, maybe you have bad credit or other specific needs, national sites have NO IDEA and really don't care, they play the numbers game, if they send 100 people to apply for an apartment in Austin and 90% get declined and lose their money, the national apartment locator site scores on 10 people, the other 90 people lose their money.

4. Most sites that "offer"  rebates don't actually pay most of them, because they really don't know their job well enough to have the client and referral base that we do, would you rather have a promise of a large rebate and then get a 3rd rate apartment that you have to live in for the next year, and then not even get the rebate at all, OR find a really great Austin area Apartment that you will be happy to call home!

            For Fastest Service CALL NOW!  (512) 680-9222
                (512) 680-9222

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My Name is David York, I have been locating in the Austin Area for years, I love what I do and I can make the difference for you!

Experience DOES matter!
      I CAN HELP!
FREE Austin Apartment Locator! I can make a difference in your apartment search! MOVE IN SPECIALS AVAILABLE!
We have Austin Apartmetns that accept bad credir and Austin Apartments that accept a broken lease, BEST online data base available!
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